Romantic Getaways In NCThere are so many places to consider as romantic getaway ideas in NC.  North Carolina, being one of the most underrated places when it comes to romance and vacation actually is a host to a couple of venues where you and your special someone can spend some time to reconnect and have some fun—and feel the romance all over again.


Romantic Getaway Ideas In NC To Feel The Sparks

One of the places that you can visit is the home of world famous romantic novelist Nicholas Sparks in New Bern. A quiet town on the coast of North Carolina, New Bern is the second oldest town in NC—and you know how old towns are: Vintage, serene, and most definitely, romantic. New Bern is also the setting of his novels, such as The Notebook and The Wedding (I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to feel like Allie and Noah for a while?). New Bern also is the birthplace of Pepsi Cola, and has a large part in the US Civil War. Aside from that, there are a couple of restaurants, and beaches in the area that prove to be romantic you’d seriously want to stay there for a long, long time, and there are also Art Galleries that you can visit, if you’re into aesthetics. Trust me, New Bern is a place you’d come back to each and every time.


A Place Of Serenity

The Hamptons in North Carolina is truly a majestic, peaceful place—perfect for that quiet time with your loved one. Surrounded by mountains and lakes, The Hamptons boast of a perfect climate, definitely cuddle weather, if you’d ask me. I’ve been there with my fiancé and it was just perfect. Just chilling out in the place reminded us of the good things in life, of how much we loved each other, and about our plans for the future. If you want to take your loved one to a place where it would seem like there’s just the two of you, come to the Hamptons—trust me, you’d love it.


Classic And Classy Romantic Getaway Ideas In NC

If you want to visit a place rich with cultural history, why not check out Edenton? This town is dubbed as the South’s Prettiest Small Town. Ever heard of the Boston Tea Party? Well, Edenton also has its own Tea Party. Back in the 1700’s, over fifty of the Edenton Leading ladies had tea and signed a pledge to cease the use of East India Tea, and soon enough, Edenton became the colonial capital of North Carolina—the perfect place to just chill out and feel the old NC vibe.


Romance Abounds

If you’re itching to leave the confines of your home, or the city, then take a trip to North Carolina. It’s always important to spend some quality time with your loved one—and not just doing the usual stuff that you do. It’s always good to do something else once in a while, and what better way than taking a trip out of town or out of the country. Trust me, there is surely one in the many romantic getaway ideas in NC that will do wonders for your relationship. 

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