Romantic Getaways In NCIf you and your special someone are looking for fun and adventure, then do check out the romantic getaway packages in NC. North Carolina is one of the most romantic places on the planet—and why not? It has scenic views, old, historical buildings and houses, hundreds of seas and shores—it’s one big, peaceful, magical place that’s definitely for the hopeless romantics at heart.


Charlotte: A Place As Beautiful As Its Name

If you and your special someone want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while, then you should check out Charlotte. Just like its name, meaning “free”, the place will also make you feel free. The Beauty of Charlotte lies not only in the loads of Pine trees in the area, the lovely buildings, beautiful sunsets, hotels, but also the hospitable locals. And speaking of hotels, here are some of the best in the area that offers romantic packages for you and that special someone.


Romantic Getaway Packages In NC From Dunhill To Mcninch

Check in to Dunhill house, one of the oldest, most historical, and truly one of the most beautiful hotels in the area—their newly renovated rooms offer the most comfortable beds, plush seating, CD players, marble bath, soft robes, and their famous chocolate mint (Imagine what you can do with that…) and there’s also a free breakfast for two at the hotel the following morning. And while there, you should also check out Mcninch house restaurant—a restaurant situated in the historic Queen Anne’s Fourth Ward, where you can enjoy a well-crafted 5-course meal, and is considered as one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. It would be a one of a kind experience, and for a day or two, you’d feel like some of Hollywood’s biggest stars with the treatment that you’ll be getting. My fiancé and I have been there once and we seriously loved it. I’m sure you will, too.


Ballantyne Hotel And Lodge Romantic Getaway Packages In NC

With luxurious rooms, soothing and revitalizing spa services, and a huge golfing area, this hotel would be perfect for a couple who loves to do a lot of things. The rooms are comfortable, the people are nice, plus you’d be able to enjoy the architecture of the area. Avail of their Luxury deals and be treated to rooms with king-sized beds, a view of the city, and real, grand comfort. Trust me, you’ll love it there.


Honeymoon In The Springs

Hot Springs NC Cabins is perfect for that much-awaited honeymoon.  Located near Asheville and Biltmore, the springs boast of hot tubs that will surely spark up your night. You can stay in a room that has a view of the Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge mountains, the Pigsah range, and there are also some gourmet restaurants in the area—so you know you won’t be bored. A honeymoon is something that should be ultra special.  You should plan well for it by checking out these romantic getaway packages in NC now.  Who knows? It might be something you won’t forget for a lifetime.

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